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Undercurrent Music Production

Jess van den Boorn Headshot
Composer | Vocalist | Pianist | Guitarist
Undercurrent Music Productions - Circle Logo
James Waymont Headshot
Composer | Drummer | Sound Editor/Mixer

Undercurrent Music Productions is a music composing production company established in 2020, specialising in writing original soundtracks for Film, TV, and Media productions. Co-founded by award-winning* composer Jessie van den Boorn and award-nominated** composer James Waymont, between them they have had music heard on Disney+, ITV, BBC World News/BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, Channel 5 and around multiple global film festivals, in addition to scoring numerous short films, games, promotional videos, adverts, idents, trailers and documentaries. Currently they are continuing to write regular production music albums, working for independent filmmakers, and working to briefs for several production libraries, including ALIBI Music.

Having met at the University of Bristol in 2016, studying for an MA in Composition of Music for Film and Television, they both received distinctions the following year, during which the idea of setting up a joint musical enterprise to run alongside their individual freelance music work began to form. The first few years afterwards were spent honing their individual crafts and skillsets, until they finally decided to join forces in mid-2020 and Undercurrent Music Productions started to take shape.

Both Jessie and James are multi-instrumentalists, covering vocals, guitar, keys, bass and drums, and have a combined wealth of technical knowledge regarding composing to picture, production and mixing, all at a professional level. Although working with live instruments is their preference, their production level using sample instruments and electronic techniques is of the highest quality, allowing them to compose vibrant and exciting scores across multiple genres and for varying projects.

Please visit for their latest music and projects.

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